All data integrated in the Marine Data Portal are generally accessible and usable according to CC-BY 4.0 license.

Under exceptional circumstances, license terms may differ for individual data sets due to compilation and integration of pre-set license terms. These exact license terms are provided in the metadata description of the respective data sets.


Individual data sets and data products that are accessible and visualised via the Marine Data Portal are continuously compiled from data management initiatives and data repositories by the participating data providers and scientists. Hence, the data quality and integration efforts of data services provided by the portal are subject to continuous modification and quality variations according to individual scientific purpose of data acquisition.

Hence, the data quality lies within the responsibility of each scientist as principle investigator or rather the research project that submitted the data to the participating data repository for publishing. Please be aware, that based on different scientific questions and methods related to the original purpose of data acquisition, there is no guarantee of spatial and temporal as well as quality comparability among respective data collections of different origin. Although we are doing our best to overcome aggregation issues wherever possible as described in the metadata set, respectively.


When using the data sets for further scientific work and publication you are obliged to cite the data sets and the authors properly via the given citation and the Digital Object Identifier in the metadata..